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Registered: ‎04-15-2019

MHRA Footnote Template Coding - Guide to Using the Special Characters

Sorry to disturb,


I'm a new EndNote 9.1 user. I'm happy to edit the footnote and biblio templates to present my footnote citations according to the MHRA style guide. But I need to be able to code these templates properly and efficiently - it's very slow work making changes and then updating my document to see if the citations present correctly... 


I would find a guide to the special characters (like the vertical bar, bullet and degree character etc) really helpful, particularly if it has examples of citations...i.e. 


Journal Article:

Author, Title, Journal, Volume, Issue, Page Range, cited pages


Author, is coded: Author,. (the word Author picks up the author reference field content and the comma is presented. The bullet presents a space)

Title, is coded: 'Title',. (the word Title picks up the title reference field content and the comma and single quotation marks are presented. The bullet presents a space.      




I have the 2014 'Modifying Reference Types and Output Styles for Windows' document but feel I could really do with something a bit more focussed on the job in hand.


Thank you.