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Registered: ‎03-10-2009

Preview not refreshing/updating in X8.1

Hi folks


I always keep the Preview tab open and have a style that shows the key fields I'm interested in (a modified "Show All" style).


Since upgrading from X7 to X8.1 (via X8.0) recently, the contents of the Preview tab don't update/refresh instantly.

Action 1. If I open, edit and close a reference, the Preview info doesn't change.

Action 2. Even without any references open, if I change the style, the Preview info doesn't change.


The only(?) way to get the Preview tab to update/refresh after doing Action 1 or 2 is to click onto another reference and then back again onto my newly edited item. Clicking from Preview tab to Reference tab and back to Preview Tab doesn't help.


Somehow, the Preview tab doesn't seem to get the signal from the edited reference or style controller, that the info or setting has been changed.


Please advise me on how to fix this, or is it a bug?


Cheers, Paul


(EN X8.1 Build 11010 on Windows 7)



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Re: Preview not refreshing/updating in X8.1