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Re: Will Endnote for Mac x8 Support 64-bit by Fall

I notice this issue is over 12 months old.

Is this something we can expect resolution of soon?


I am on OSX Mojave and received the warning that Endnote X8 was not fully compatible.

I upgraded to Endnote X9 as it claimed to be fully compatible, so I assumed it was 64 bit. 

It's not!!


Performance is DISMAL working in Word with CWYW, with Endnote freezing for up to 30 sec to find and insert a reference (sometimes longer so I give up). 


Please Endnote, is this something that will be fixed soon, or will I need to start looking for alternatives?

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Re: Will Endnote for Mac x8 Support 64-bit by Fall

Start looking for alternatives. Seriously. It ain’t getting fixed anytime soon based on past experiences. I switched to bookends but there are many alternates and at least one should fit your needs. Good luck.