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cross referencing in footnotes

The OSCOLA (law) style requires cross referencing in footnotes, for example, if you cite a reference a second time, the short form is not only, say, Author, but also a cross reference to the footnote with the full reference. A cross-reference in from footnote 12 to footnote 3 would look like this:


12. Smith (n 3).


Does anyone know how to make Endnote do this?

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Re: cross referencing in footnotes

[ Edited ]

In short -Endnote can't do this automatically.


But word does have a way to Cross-Reference in footnotes (I found this tip here and Microsoft's site has this). I don't work with footnotes and haven't tested the efficacy of this trick though.


So I guess you would insert the footnote in Word, add the endnote citation for Smith, and then use word again to add the cross-reference.  


You would also need the short form of the footnote to be just the Author, I assume.  If  you deleted the original footnote, not sure what happens next though.  That would be MSWord's problem... and you might have to clean up the parentheses in the footnote. 

(long time Endnote user)