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Adding Prefix to citation with multiple works by same author


I would like to insert a citation to read (e.g., Smith, 2000, 2004)


I am able to insert the two citations so that it reads (Smith 2000, 2004), but when I go to add the prefix it changes into (e.g., Smith, 2000; Smith, 2004).  I tried inserting the citations so Author is excluded on the second reference, but then I just get (e.g., Smith, 2000; 2004)


Using X9 and Word 2016



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Re: Adding Prefix to citation with multiple works by same author

Hello Meghan,


Here is a workaround for this issue.


You would insert the citations and have


(Smith 2000, 2004)


You can use Edit and Manage Citations to get the format you want.


For the first citation add the following to the Prefix




make sure to type the space after the comma.


In the Suffix add the following


, 2004


For the second citation change the Formatting setting to


Exclude Author & Year


You would end up with (e.g., Smith, 2000, 2004)


Please feel free to reply if you have any additional questions.

Best Regards,
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