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Re: Ambiguous citation not working correctly

Hi Leanne, thanks for your reply but the bug wasnt fixed and I have tried all the workarounds that were previously suggested. Nothing works. 

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Re: Ambiguous citation not working correctly

[ Edited ]
You are seeing as the below, which is the bug that was fixed?  or citations "out of order" -- which isn't a bug.  It is a publishers requirement which can only be altered by changing the sort order in the bibliograph and citation settings of the output style.  
Corrected expected:
(Gottsberger and Silberbauer-Gottsberger 2006a; b),
But was appearing in this way: with letter K, instead of "b": 
(Gottsberger and Silberbauer-Gottsberger 2006a; k).

To paraphrase what I said somewhere else:  

Most publishers actually specify the order to be based on  alpha (author) then year and then usually title, which is what you are getting, and not in order of citation appearance. That is because in the bibliography itself, that is how they want them to be listed. 


You could make this change in the citation sort order and let the bibliography be listed in Author, Year, Title and then the letters would be out of order there, if you prefer, but I didn't test that option.)


(I am just a user of Endnote, not with the company).  
(long time Endnote user)