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Archival Sources, Chicago Style

Hello everyone,


I need to cite various archival sources in my footnotees--letters, personal notes, etc.--but in the bibliography, I want only one entry for each archive. I'm having a really hard time making this happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Example from Chicago Manual of Style:


Note: 38. James Oglethorpe to the Trustees, 13 January 1733, Phillipps Collection of Egmont Manuscripts, 14200:13, University of Georgia Library.


[then imagine other notes referring to different items from the same archive]


Bibliography: Egmont Manuscripts. Phillipps Collection. University of Georgia Library.


Thank you!



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Re: Archival Sources, Chicago Style

Here is a possible solution for this issue which will require the use of a new output style and a certain workflow.



So to produce the footnotes you will create a reference in EndNote with the Reference Type Manuscript and enter the information you want to appear in the footnote in the field called "Description of Material"


So based on your example


James Oglethorpe to the Trustees, 13 January 1733, Phillipps Collection of Egmont Manuscripts, 14200:13, University of Georgia Library.


all of that text would go into the field called Description of Material.


You can then create a another reference for the bibliography entry and what you would want to do is have your cursor in the body of the text and insert the reference into the document. You would not see a visible citation but the entry would show up in the text.


Attached you will find the output style that will give you this format.


To add the style to EndNote:


Save the attachment from this post to your desktop

 Double-click on the downloaded file to open it in the EndNote software.

 Click the File menu in EndNote and select Save As.

 Click Save.

 Close the style window.

 You can now delete the file on the desktop the style has been added to EndNote.


NOTE: The Chicago Style does not have a defintion for all Reference Types in EndNote. Based on the changes made to this style, if you create a Reference that is not defined currently it would not show in the Bibliography so you would have to edit the style to define the format for the Bibliography for that type.


The Reference Types in question are Aggregated Database \ Ancient Text \ Artwork \ Blog \ Catalog \ Chart or Table \ Classical Work \ Conference Paper \ Dataset \ Encyclopedia \ Equation \ Figure \ Film or Broadcast \ Governement Document \ Grant \ Legal Rule or Regulation \ Map \ Music \ Online Database \ Online Multimedia \ Pamphlet \ Patent \ Report \ Standard \ Unpublisher Work


You can find more information on how to edit a style on our website:

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