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Accepted Solution

Bulk fill an empty field

Over the past 15 years I have entered many records for articles in magazines and have two hundred from one specific publication. I now need to enter the weblink for that magazine in the URL field but cannot work out how to bulk fill an empty field. Can anyone help please?

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Re: Bulk fill an empty field

All the same text?  Search for them, so they are the only records you want to modify in the window. 


find the Tools> Change/move/copy fields


Select the field from the dropdown, choose replace or add options, and put the URL as you want it to appear -- it will warn you how many records will be affected.  

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Re: Bulk fill an empty field

In EndNote under Tools you will find a command called Change\Copy\Move\ fields which can be used for exactly this purpose.


You can find steps on our website that go over how to add the group names to a field in the library which might help guide you in this process.


You will want to make a copy of your library before trying these steps since you cannot undo a global edit like this.


Here are the steps to make a backup.


Here are the steps about group names.

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Re: Bulk fill an empty field

Thank you both. It worked perfectly!