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Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

Dear EndNote Community,


I'm working with EndNote X8 and I cannot change the layout of the bibliography any more.


I have a word document for which EndNote correctly manages references (it updates, removes and adds references all well), but if I try to go on the "Layout" sheet within "Tools" in "Edit & Manage Citation(s)", an error pops up saying: "cannot be formatted because it is no longer open. please chose another document".


Also the "Format Document" choice is blank, and the drop down menu only possibility is "EndNote Cwyw.dotm", but if I choose it it says "Wrong File Name". 


I don't understand what's happened, I could edit the layout until last night. Today it suddenly stopped working.


Thanks for support

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Re: Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

Are you still experiencing this issue? The first thing I would try would be to reboot the computer. If the issue persists, close all your documents and create a new blank document. See if you can insert a citation and then change the layout of the bibliography in that test document. If that works, try changing the output Style in your document and then change it back before modifying the layout:

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Re: Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

Hi there,

I have faced exactly the same problem with you. Here is how I fixed it:


1) Under the current opened word file, go to Endnote tab > Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Unformatted Citations, Save the word file

2) Choose another style which is different from style you have chosen  before. For example, I hypothesize that you are trying to use Annotated style, then now you will choose any other style such as Chicago (whatever you want).

3) Under the Endnote tab in word file, choose Turn instant formatting on, Save the word file


Now try to format the output reference list using Edit and manage citations option.


Hope it helps and good luck ^^

Quoc Hung.

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Re: Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

I'm still experiencing this issue even with the new blank document. I reinstalled the endnote already but this problem still continues. What I have to do now? I'm using endnote X8.1, office 2016. I can not use any function in bibliography box. It keep saying "cannot be formatted because it is no longer openplease chose another document" (file attached). Please help me.

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Re: Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

Did you find any solutions to this problem? I am having the exact same issue: I have tried different styles, have copied the document text into a new document, but still I am unable to use any of the options in the 'Configure Bibliography' dialogue... I can apply styles to the bibliography manually in Word, but this has to be done every time I 'update citations and bibliography', and is not a workable solution for me. I am also using Office 2016, but am up to Endnote X8.2 on Windows. I have even tried repairing my installations of both Word and Endnote, to no avail. Suggestions very welcome!

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Re: Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

Hi~ I happened to solve this problem.

First,u can choose  "EndNote Cwyw.dotm" when you drop down the format menu.You Word may crash if you do like this,but leave it alone.And you will find  "Format Document" choice is you're document name after you second open the Word. 

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Re: Cannot Edit Bibliography "Document not open"

This issue with 'bad parameter' can still happen in Windows 10/Endnote x9, preventing you from changing the settings for formatting the References. This is beside the fact that EndNote should use and not replace document styles each time.
My original problem description:
In a blank/new document or an existing one with Endnote citations, I go to 'Tools'. Within the 'Format Bibliography' tab, the 'Format Document' dropdown is blank. On selecting it I first get 'parameter incorrect'. Then there is a choice for 'EndNote Cwyw.dotm', but if I choose it, I get "Bad file name".
Choosing the 'Layout' tab I get the error, " cannot be formatted because it is no longer open. Please chose another document". 
I've tried repairing the CWYW tools and switching styles in the document and it stays the same errors.
After many weeks and hours of work, I have solved this myself after Endnote support was unable to provide a solution. I'd already tried deleting all the EndNote Registry keys, deleting/re-creating Word's 'normal.dotm' and un/re-installing Endnote.
I hope this helps others:
1. In Word, go to the File Menu and choose "Options."
2. Select "Add-Ins" from the list at the left.
3. At the bottom of the Add-Ins page, there is a "Manage:" dropdown list. Leave this on "Word Add-ins" (not "COM Add-ins") and select Go.
4. On the COM Add-Ins page, choose the "Add" button.
5. Browse to  C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\19\ and select C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\19\EndNote Cwyw.dotm
6. This is added and ticked.
7. Untick any other entries or, perhaps better, 'Remove' them.
Problem solved. Good luck!