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Deleting multiple citations of the same article

Hi Guys,



Currently I'm managing a huge manuscript with loads of cited papers from which I want to remove a few. However some papers are cited multiple times and given the length of the paper it is quite complicated to find all occurences in the "Edit & Manage Citation(s)" menu. 


So my question is, if there is a convenient way to remove all citations of a selected paper? If not, it could be a nice feature to be added in the next version of EndNote: in the "Edit & Manage Citation(s)" menu, when the user clicks on the "Edit reference" button, in the drop-down menu, below the "Remove citation" there could be a "Remove all citation" option if the count is larger than 1, which would remove the given paper from all occurrences.




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Re: Deleting multiple citations of the same article

Hello Daniel,


While there is no way to currently do this from the Edit & Manage Citation(s) dialog, this can be done using Word's Find and Replace feature.


  1. Save a backup of the document.
  2. Use the EndNote Convert to Unformatted Citations command.
  3. The citations will now be in the temporary format of {Author, Year #Record No.}.
  4. Use the Find and Replace command to delete all the items you wish to remove. If these citations are a part of any groups, you may need to run Find and Replace again to just search for Author, Year #Record No without the curly braces { and }.
  5. Once you have removed the citations you want, you can click the Update Citations and Bibliography command.


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Re: Deleting multiple citations of the same article

Thanks Jason, I think that is probably the most convenient way to solve this problem.