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Editing of data field

EndNote 20 frequently includes more information in the date field that I want.  For example:

Aliakbargolkar, A., & Crawley, E. F. (2014, 2014/01/01/).


I do not know where that information (in bold) is coming from.  I am using APA 7th edition, but that information in bold is not an APA requirement.  I should be able to edit my fields, but Clarivate support has been absolutely useless.  They know less about EndNote than I do.


Dr. Phil. D.

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Re: Editing of data field

What reference type does this occur in?  You can easily edit the template you are using in the APA 7th output style to remove these (assuming you don't have the date info in the year field).  You then save as a new output style with a NEW NAME and then switch to that newly named output style in your word document on the endnote ribbon.  


It shouldn't be happening with most commonly used ref types, like journal articles or books, but some fields do have the date.   


For example, the template for Blog has the date field including.  


Author. (|Year|, Date|). Title of Entry. Title of WebLog.| URL


as does Magazine


Author. (|Year|, Date|). Title. Magazine|, Volume|(Issue Number)|, Pages|.|


and Conferance paper

Author. (|Year|, Date|). Title [Type]. Conference Name, Conference Location.| URL



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