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EndNote to Word URL Hyperlink issue



All of my URLs are appearing correctly in EndNote (they have come from different sources i.e. imported from pubmed or manual entry and are in different formats journal, web page etc). However, when they are imported into the reference list in Word all bar the last entry lose the "h" at the beginning which means the hyperlink no longer works once in Word. When I click on the EndNote tab in Word and go to Edit & Manage Citation the URL appears to be correct.


I don't know what's causing this or how to fix it (I assume it's a setting in Word somewhere). I am using Word 2016 and EndNote X9. I didn't have this problem when I was office based and using an earlier version of Word.


 I have two papers due to be submitted this Thursday so if anyone can help I would be very grateful!


Many thanks



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Re: EndNote to Word URL Hyperlink issue

See this reply, which asks:


Do you know if the document is stored in SharePoint, OneDrive or another cloud type service?


If the document is stored in on one of the above systems then you might suggest the user save a copy to the local machine. The user can then Convert to Unformatted Citations and then try to use Update Citations and Bibliography.

(long time Endnote user)