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Endnote X8



My Endnote X8 isn't completing 'find full text" or 'find reference update'. I have only recently started using it and it has never been able to complete these functions, is there something I must do to set it up to be able to carry out these functions?


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Re: Endnote X8

Depends on your field.  If sciences, make sure all the preferences are checked (see image).  Usually Pubmed isn't selected as a default setting, because if you select hundreds or thousands of records to run at once, Pubmed can interpret the queries as a denial of service attack and block your isp. Also I know that some functionality is compromised with respect to CrossRef querying and think that might also be a problem, which I understand from other threads, is under investigation.  

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Re: Endnote X8

There was an issue, where the doi was not found with Crossref only DOI on PubMed servers returned results. I recently tested again with X9 and X8 and appears to be working again.