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Endnote numbering sequence

I have a 400+ page document with a huge number of endnotes needed. My numbering sequence in now up to  "aaaa"! Is there any way to customize my own numbering process, such as "1a, 1b" etc.

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Re: Endnote numbering sequence

By endnotes you mean the footnote/endnotes inserted by the Word program?  I don't know, some word processors may give you those options, but that isn't handled by endnote, and I dont' think Word has many options like this.  .  .  


If you mean a numbered style with Endnote bibliography, then you can change the settings in your output style to use grouped settings as shown in the attached image.  But these are conventional "endnotes"  -- this produces an independent bibliography and if you cite a reference again, it will use the original number and not a short form footnote including "ibid" for example.   

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