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Help with changing in-text citation for JUST ONE reference.


I'm using a customized APA 6Th style that creates in-text citations that look like this:

(LastName, Year)

This is fine and suites my needs in almost every case, but I have ran into an issue with this. I am trying to cite a government publication that has no author and I am trying to use the agency name as the author. I want my citations to look like this:

(Florida Forest Service, 2018)

but when I insert them into my word document, they look like:

(Service, 2018)

Is there a way to change the in-text citation for only this single citation without altering the format of all my citations? In other words, how do I change (Service, 2018) to (Florida Forest Servie, 2018) without changing (Smith, 2020) to (John A. Smith, 2020)? 


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Help with changing in-text citation for JUST ONE reference.


EndNote interprets "Service" as last name and "Florida" and "Forest" as first and middle name.
Try to put a comma after the name in the reference and things will be correct in the citation:

Florida Forest Service,