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How to search Research Notes

Hello together,


I hope that someone can help me: I am using the research notes field to write down my comments or idead about a specific source. Now I want to know whether there is a way that I can search my reserach notes later on? Let me give you an example: 


I find a book or journal article that deals with cultural value. I read that source and make some note in m research notes field. I write something about cultural value. 


If later on I am looking for the term cultural value endnote shows me all articles, books and journals that somehow have the term "cultural value" in them - but I can't see for which I made some research notes. 


So is it possibel to only search my research notes, so that I just find all reserach noptes that contain the words "cultural value"?


many thanks in advance


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Re: How to search Research Notes

How/where are you searching?  In Endnote or from Word's "find citation"?  i tested as many ways as I could, and pulled the record I had modified in each instance.  


Search on all fields should find it, or searching just the Research notes should find it.  Also "find citation" from word's endnote toolbar will find it (but there you cannot specify which fields to search, it will search all fields).  


I tested this in Word 2016, Endnote X7.7.  

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Re: How to search Research Notes

It might be something you can do to add a hash tag to your research notes field. So that "#culturalvalue" (use your imagination) can be inserted into your notes field.  If you place this search string in the notes field only, I'm sure it will only pull up that string.  Rather than pulling up every instance and iteration of the string "Cultural Value"


Please post back if this helps.