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How to use 'find reference updates' for full journal names

The 'find reference updates' features just give abbreviation of journal names. How can I use it to find the full name of journal? And maybe full name of author? It is annoying to edit journal names by myself every time.

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Re: How to use 'find reference updates' for full journal names

[ Edited ]

There is no easy why to get the "full authorname" if the database you are downloading from, doesn't include it.  


For the journal names, the same is true (although some databases have the full journal name in the "alternate field") -- it doesn't really matter as long as you take full advantage of the Journal Terms list capabilities of Endnote as outlined in this Knowledgebase article and be sure to view the embedded video.


Also, after running thru the process, it is best to manually add journal not in the terms list, rather than leave the term preferences to update from the database addtions, to avoid further imports of the abbreviated journal name in the wrong "column".  (edit>prefrerences -- Terms list to removed defaults as in attached image). 

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