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Importing multiple references at once

Thank you very much for this. I was wondering though if there is a way to import multiple references at once from my "Downloads" folder. I use a Mac and any citations downloaded via Google Scholar save as "scholar.enw" . When I work I easily collect a bunch of those downloads in a day and it gets quite laborious to import them one-by-one. Is there a way to select multiple references at once for importing in X7? Many thanks!

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Re: Importing multiple references at once

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I took the liberty of moving your post to the main How To topic to make it easier to find. Some online databases offer the option to export multiple records to EndNote at once. At this time, Google Scholar does not offer this option. You may want to export from another online database in order to export multiple results at once. Please see this page for a list of some online databases that offer Direct Export:

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Re: Importing multiple references at once

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I find a way to import multiple RIS files from downloads folder. I am using EndoNote X7.7.1 on mac OS 10.12.6. Right click on RIS file and select EndNote X7 as default application to open RIS format. Then you can select any number of RIS files at once and double click, boom EndNote imports one-by-one. The one drawback with this is all the files go into main folder on EndNote and you have to move them into customized groups, if you have any. 

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Re: Importing multiple references at once

Yes, it is possible to import multiple references from Google Scholar into Endnote (refer to this thread for directions).


You will need to have a Gmail account which enables saving search results from Google Scholar. The Gmail account acts as a holding bin for the search results which in turn can be directly exported into Endnote.