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In Brackets order is getting messed up....Need some help

Hello everybody,


I have the following problem:

For my thesis I added about 500 refs to my text.

I have groups like Ref [20a-x]

In my bibliography I want them to be ordered by year (old to new).

This works nicely, since i change the sort type of my citation to "by year".



Sometimes I have to put an old reference to a new group, meaning

I want to add for example ref 12 and ref 20 (the group) the the same text, i would love to see (12,20)...

BUT: since i had to tell endnote to order the citations by year to get the nicely ordered bibliography

the ref is sometimes (20a-d, 12, 20e-f) if ref 12 is by year in the middle of the papers of ref 20 (the group)



HOW can i get my citations inside a group in the bibliography ordered by year AND the numbering in brackets nicely by order of apperance.???


Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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Re: In Brackets order is getting messed up....Need some help

Why don’t you modify your output style so that: 1) the bibliography is sorted by year; but 2) in-text citations is set to “Don’t Sort”?


By not sorting the in-text citations they will appear in the order you insert them while the bibliography will be sorted by year.