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J Food Protect style mod

I have downloaded and modified slightly the Journal of Food Protection style. When it abbreviates the journals in the bibliography some are and some are not abrviated (I tried all three abbreviation styles). Also JFP has underlined Journal Titles in the bibliography - how can I get endnote to do that. I am only a newbie to endnote so if it has been answered elsewhere I apologise, just point me in the right direction ans I'll hunt it down
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Re: J Food Protect style mod

For the Journal Abbreviations to work properly, you need a complete set of the journals and their abbreviations in the "journals terms list" in the library selected.  See and the Endnote FAQ at


To underline the Journal names, you need to edit the style to underline them in the Bibliography Template for Journal Ariticle.  Select the word "Journal" and then "ctrl+U" or click on the underlined U in the toolbar. 

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