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Old reference re-appearing in bibliography

Hi all,
I'm hit a brick wall with my referencing - please help! I'm using APA 6th formatting. I have multiple texts by the same first author in my reference list, and initially one of the references was formatted slightly differently which meant that the authors first initial's appeared in the text (presumably endnote was distinguishing between what it thought was different authors with the same surname).
I have since gone into my endnote online library and ensured that the authors name across these multiple texts is formatted in the same way. However, when I insert the same reference, the first initial still appears, and the original/old formatted reference appears in the bibliography. 
I've made sure that the original citations have been deleted, so I'm not sure why the old one keeps re-appearing in the bibliography, and why the citation still has a first initial!
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Re: Old reference re-appearing in bibliography

Please make a backup of the document then try the steps from our website:


If you continue to have issues with the document please contact Technical Support.


1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


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