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Output Style for Articles from E-Journals



I am a librarian at a small private college in Germany. I am supposed to create an Output Style that fits our standards.


Our standards say, that the students have to differ between regular Journal Articles and E-Journal Articles. If it's a print Journal, they are supposed to name the pages, if it's an E-Journal they are supposed to give the DOI or URL instead.


I am editing the APA 6th ed. Output Style and it says


Author. (Year). Title. Journal|, Volume|(Issue)|, S. Pages|.


How do I have to edit this, to get what I need?


Thank you in advance and please forgive me any grammar or spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.





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Re: Output Style for Articles from E-Journals



EndNote contains different reference types that can be used for this purpose. 

Regular print Journal articles can be entered using the "Journal Article" reference type.


E-Jourals should be entered using the "Electronic Article" reference type, which already has this as it's definition in the APA format included in EndNote:


Author. (Year). Title|. [Reviewed Item]|. Periodical Title, Volume|(Issue)|, Pages|.| `Retrieved from` Website Title `website`: |URL| `doi:`DOI