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Removing comma from in-text Chicago Author - date style

Hi there, hoping for some help, having trouble with something really simple but annoying! 


I need to reference for an academic article in Chicago Author Date (in text ref) style. No problems in getting the existing template Chicago 17th Author-Date to work. However, it seems to be keeping in the comma when I do in-text referencing and isn't meant to. It is meant to read, 


(Smith 2020) 

but instead reads 


(Smith, 2020) 


No amount of editing the style in the Edit > Citations > Templates tab seems to be helping, I'm hoping someone could please please set out some straight forward instructions. Would be very appreciative. 


Many thanks! 


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Re: Removing comma from in-text Chicago Author - date style

You must name the style with a new name and then change to that newly named style on your word endnote ribbon.  If you save it to the same name, there are two of them and endnote invariably uses the original.  

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