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Uninstalling endnote and removing from word mac

I've had a bunch of problems with endnote and I want to uninstall it and remove all traces from word. I have uninstalled the program from my computer, but I still get error when I am using word which says "a COM exception has occurred - word cannot write to file." When I go to the tools menu, the endnote X6 option is still there. Please help!



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Re: Uninstalling endnote and removing from word mac

Please quit Microsoft Word and browse to this folder on your computer:

Applications > Microsoft Office 20xx > Startup > Word

Replace "20xx" with your version of Office. Delete any EndNote files in this folder. Next, go to Users:[your login name with the house icon]:Library:Application Support:EndNote.

Note: To get to the Library folder in 10.7 and later, hold down the "option" key on your keyboard and go to the "Go" Menu and choose "Library".

Delete any EndNote Cite While You Write (CWYW) files from this folder.
This should remove all traces of the EndNote tools in Word. If you continue to receive a "COM Exception" in Word, this may be due to issues with the Word preferences. Please see follow the 6 steps from this article:

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Re: Uninstalling endnote and removing from word mac

Hi Jason, I have use free 30 day version of endnote to add references to my word document in mac. now the free version is expired and I cannot buy it to activate again. so i have deleted endnote from application folder. now when ever i have to use that word file repeated message comes "Could not find a copy of “EndNote X8” to launch." I cannot work in my word file because of this message, as it comes every other second, also i cannot delete the references from the word file. Please tell me if you have any solution for this problem. Thanks.  

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Re: Uninstalling endnote and removing from word mac

Make a copy (just in case)  and Select all (Apple key+a maybe?)  and use Word's remove field codes (ctrl+6 or Apple key+6 maybe?)  and you should remove all vestiges of endnote fields from the document and allow you to delete the bibliography too.  

(long time Endnote user)