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can't see all my references on the page

The references all seem to be "stored" in a box. When I click on the reference section - all the references appear in a grey dotted-line box, with the blue anchor at one corner - so I can move the whole set of references at one time. However, when I have any font bigger than 8, the bottom references disappear - off the page. I never put the references in this box, and can't figure out how to get rid of it.


I've tried to delete the references, paste them back (still in box),

Then I tried paste back as text only, and then add a new reference - A whole new reference section is created... in a box. So now I have two reference sections. I tried to attach a screen shot in a word doc, but it won't let me post with my message.


Help!! Thanks!!



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Re: can't see all my references on the page

Is your reference list being inserted at the end of a document with a table at the end?  I suspect the final paragraph is picking up the prior paragraph's formating?  Turn off CWYW (autoformatting) and delete the boxed bibliography.  add a paragraph to the end of the document and clear any formating from that paragraph.  Now turn on the autoformating and update citations -- how is it now??? 


(long time Endnote user)