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Re: how to modify record number in endnote



I fully fully fully agree. nowadays with features allowing syncing as well as cloud computing, I have many devices. However, since it happens to me once, I am so afraid of unformatting my text and using another computer, so that I don't do it anymore. Even traveling libraries doesn't help. My libraries are sync between 2 computers using Endnote online, But i never use the second computer to add new references because I Know that the record number won't be the same. If for a reason or another I have to reformat the doc, I am quite sure to have conflicts and worse, to have Endote updating the new reference wit the record of my main library resulting in a total new reference and irrelevant reference. 


In order to circumvent this problem I have change in the pref the temporary citations from record number to accession number in both libraries. The problem is to fill up this field manually with a unique identifier. But then if you unformat the record will no longer appear but the accession number. It will help avoiding mixing up with references. 


Hope this help but it is not convenient. Developers must change this behavior of Endnote!



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Re: how to modify record number in endnote

For me I want to remove the record number from the in-text citation, how do I do it?
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Re: how to modify record number in endnote

I assume you mean that the citation is not being converted from the temporary to the formatted citation?  You need to either mannually update it from endnote ribbon (update citations and bibliography) or turn on the instant formating (same ribbon) and be sure the correct output style is chosen there. 

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Re: how to modify record number in endnote

I agree with adding the unique reference number to the webline lib so it syncs as well.  When I try to create a web library and then create a new library for my office computer--the references get resorted in the new desktop library.  You cannot even sort the web library by endnote ref number.  I have had this library for over 15 years and it has hardcopies of the articles catelogued by the endnote number.  It seems that if you have any deleted records in your library, the sync fills those blank numbers with other records thus changing all of your endnote reference umbers that should be "engraved in stone".    I have tried to add these references directly to the web lib (with the described directions as a txt file) but it times out because the file is too big I guess.