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wrongly removed PDF file

Hello there!


Hope someone help me on this issue
I was working in a PDF file in my library (taking notes and highlighting) and by mistake a sticky note got in front of the text... I thought I've selected it and I chose "remove", and then I lost 5 hours of work! The file was gone!
Can I recover this removed file? Doesn't "undo" work on EndNote??
Thank you in advance!
Sorry for my (non native) english


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Re: wrongly removed PDF file

Sorry to hear about your deleted PDF file. To delete a sticky note, use the "Delete Annotation" option. Using the command "Remove" deletes the PDF file.*


Unfortunately, Endnote does not have an "undo" feature  which you might submit as a suggestion on the Product Suggestions section of the forum. There are software applications to recover deleted files but it will take time on your part to locate and try out the software which may have varying degrees of success. You may also risk exposing your computer to viruses or malware if the software is from an unknown or questionable source. Recovering your PDF may also not include the changes you made as it seems like the PDF was deleted before it was saved.


*Note to developers: It might be helpful for users if the "Remove" command is relabeled to "Delete  File" and also enable deleted files to go into either the Endnote Trash bin or the computer's Recycle bin which would allow for recovery.

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Re: wrongly removed PDF file

Got the same issue...

I strongly agree that the "Remove" command should be relabeled to "Delete File" (while "Deleted Annotation" should be relabelled to "Remove Annotation" to better match what the user thinks he/she does)

Certainly also enabling deleted pdf files to go into either the Endnote Trash bin or the computer's Recycle bin to allow for recovery is a must.


These things don't happen that often but when they do a few hours of work vanish and it seems a very high price when put in the context of changing 2 labels and placing in the Endnote Trash a copy of the reference including the pdf file.

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Re: wrongly removed PDF file

It is 2019 and I still had exactly the same thing happen to. I can't believe that they still did not rename this menu option.