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Re: EN 20 is a disaster

I have used EN 20 only one week before asking for a X9 license because this new version is really a disaster, as you say. And like you, I am an EndNote user for a long time.

It's the first time I see such an awful version of a software.

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Re: EN 20 is a disaster

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First time I used EndNote 20 today (for 1h before I went back to X9). This is not an update, this is a jump back. All workflows are disrupted, useful icons disappeared. Whoever was leading the development team should be sacked.


My team will use X9 and we will skip 20 and all updates/new versions until the usability of X9 is fully restored.


Useless indeed. 

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Re: EN 20 is a disaster

Yes. I agree with you. 


The surprising thing to me is that Endnote 20 release arrived with the advertisement or something like "new version based on user feedback". I wonder which users did they get feedback from considering this is a software aimed at a niche audience - scientists and researchers.  Most of the innovations were removing useful  features and legacy options that are super useful to a research flow. 

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Re: EN 20 is a disaster

Dont be naive.... Users DID NOT give feedback. Developers did what was easy and convenient for them. And if you say "its a bug" they will say "its a feature".


I am VERY DISSAPOINTED at the lack of response on this forum from the said developers. What they essentially did, was what Bil Gates did long tme ago. Succesfully sold a product that does not work.... And we are the dupes....


What I find they should do is offer us a FREE MIGRATION TOOL back to 9.3. FREE. And get their product to be an IMPORVEMENT on 9.3 and not a brand new, DISFUNCTIONAL program



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Re: EN 20 is a disaster

Agreed, EndNote 20 is a serious DISASTER! It is a downgrade from X9.

The latest update 20.1 (as of June 25 2021) attempts to recover the functionality lost version X9; however, EndNote 20 is still downgraded compared to X9. Specifically:


+ The PDF Preview Pane is back (from version X9); this is progress, however the default pane is the "Summary" pane. ACTION 1 for Clarivate: please provide option to set the default pane to "PDF Preview", say under Preferences.

- The "Search Showing" option is still not back (from version X9). ACTION 2 for Clarivate: please bring back ALL of the the search options from X9. 


ACTION for Clarivate: complete both above actions ASAP (within days, not weeks or months), or you will lose a LOT of customers who are going back to X9 or leaving EndNote alltogether for another product! I strongly recommend that you LISTEN to your customers!