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EndNote 20, update 20.1 is still a DISASTER!

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EndNote 20 is a serious DISASTER! It is a downgrade from X9.


The latest update 20.1 (as of June 25 2021) attempts to recover some of the functionality lost from version X9; however, EndNote 20 (after update 20.1) is still a downgrade compared to X9. Specifically:


+ The PDF Preview Pane is back (from version X9); this is progress, however the default pane is the "Summary" pane. ACTION 1 for Clarivate: please provide option to set the default pane to "PDF Preview", say under Preferences.

- The "Search Showing" option is still not back (from version X9). ACTION 2 for Clarivate: please bring back ALL of the the search options from X9. 


ACTION for Clarivate: complete both above actions ASAP (within days, not weeks or months), or you will lose a LOT of customers who are going back to X9 or leaving EndNote altogether for another product! I strongly recommend that you READ the feedback on this forum, and LISTEN to your customers!