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Re: Endnote 20 - Enable preview pdf

Yes - I feel like I've wasted my money upgrading to 20 because of this lack of pdf functionality

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Re: Endnote 20 - Enable preview pdf

Me too...the PDF preview feature in EndNote X9 was one of the application's most useful. I used it extensively to quickly scan through PFDs in my library without the hassle of opening and closing windows. Please bring it back!!



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Re: Endnote 20 - Enable preview pdf

[ Edited ]

What is there left to say?

Yes, please bring this feature back as soon as possible.


Applications of today are flooded with multiple preview features to increase interaction speed, usability and multitasking - how is it possible that you remove such an essential preview feature that made EndNote unique nearly two decades ago when other literature managementt applications were just offering what you are doing now?!


Actually, I also requested this feature in the novel EndNote mobile apps when they were published and lacking a PDF preview feature. So, please, not only bring it back in the desktop application but, please, also implement it in the mobile applications.