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Endnote 20: Line spacing too large

Since Endnote 20, the line spacing (white space between all entered references in the library) is too large. Even with font settings on smallest, on my 14" laptop, only 20 lines/references can be viewed simultaneously, whereas before in X9 I could easily see 30 lines or so.

Scrolling through my 2000+ references library, takes ages, without a good overview

Please bring back the option of reduced line spacing!

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Re: Endnote 20: Line spacing too large

Yes!  I have exactly the same issue.  I just updated to EndNote20 and the display has far too much white space in empty lines.  Please give us the option to single-space.


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Re: Endnote 20: Line spacing too large

I am also frustrated with this issue. Even with a large screen, I need to see as many references as possible.