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Flag retracted articles in search window?

A perusal through research watchdog websites and shows that there is an epidemic of fabricated reseach that gets published. Currently, there is no uniform way to identify these when they get retracted (for example, PubMed, the biomedical literature database, does not have a uniform way to tag them). Thus,  these publications get cited repeatedly long after they have been retracted. See:


It will be very helpful if EndNote can incorporate a highly visible tag (article title in red? for example) in the search results window for retracted publications, so that a researcher is immediately made aware of a problem paper. This will prevent any further citations of it, plus the researcher will be made aware to be wary of the findings reported in the paper.

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Re: Flag retracted articles in search window?

I agree! This would be very helpful and a way to highlight an important concern.

A workaround for this is to create a smart group with these terms: withdrawn, retracted, retraction, errata, erratum. If you have any more relevant terms, please reply.

In the ideal world this smart group should contain zero references, but these words are of course sometimes used as ordinary words.