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Keyword sets

I'd like to suggest a feature where keywords can be grouped into "Keyword sets".  For example, I could have a Keyword Set named "Chronic Pain", within which I would include various chronically painful illnesses, such as "fibromyalgia", "post-herpetic neuralgia", "diabetic neuropathy", etc.  Then I could search for "fibromyalgia" and get all my references pertaining to that illness, while "chronic pain" would pull all references related to fibromyalgia or post-herpetic neuralgia or diabetic neuropathy.  This would allow me to search broadly or narrowly as I wished, without having to list all the sub-keywords within "chronic pain."


As long as I'm dreaming, it would be nice to have multiple layers of Keyword sets.  It would also be nice to put a keyword within several Keyword sets.  For example, post-herpetic neuralgia might be a sub-keyword of both "Chronic Pain" as well as "Neurological disorders."


I've looked in your help screens, but haven't found anything like this. 

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Re: Keyword sets

[ Edited ]

Are you searching PubMed thru the online Connect feature?  I suspect you might be wanting to search remotely under the fields "MeSH major topics" and "MeSH terms" for this facility.    Then you can search the retrieved records for your specifics?  - -I guess to transfer this to the library itself, you would need to ensure that these two groups of keywords be moved into endnote fields?    


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Re: Keyword sets

I had the same problem and found a way around it.

I've arranged a table (in Excel) of keywords, with their parents keywords.

So, to use your example:

My keyword for "fibromyalgia" is: "Chronic Pain-"fibromyalgia".


The result is that I can search for the parent keyword or for the indevidual specific keywords, depending on what I need.