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Openoffice/Libreoffice integration

I understand the complexity involved in developing and maintaining a solution like this however I know the extension did exist for an older version of openoffice a few years ago.

Even if the decision is made not to implement CWYW into Openoffice, being able to manually copy a correct in-text formatted citation from the reference list is a good work around until enough momentum has ben gained.  For example "copy in-text citation" in a context menu option when user clicks on a reference in the reference list that places the correct citation into the document.
Also as an option, if Endnote were to open its API to allow access to the data coming from the application, then the opensource community may able to handle much of the heavy lifting of developing and maintaining the integration. The only effort required would be allowing API access programmatically and legally to Endnote and of course necessary documentation of the API functions.  Additionally, that would make its utility more cross-platform as persons might be able to purchase and run in Endnote in some sort of emulator (think parralels / virtualbox/ wine for the linux users etc) I understand this is as much of a legal issue as a cost/benefit/labor request.  
Even if it's not worth Thomson Reuters time or effort to develop or completely re-tool Endnote for a free office suite, it would extend the utility long-term of Endnote for persons worldwide that use other word processors including Openoffice/Libreoffice.  Think of it in this way, with the modifications I have outlined above, Endnote now is tooled to reach an audience far beyond the base of Microsoft Word and to a lesser degree, Apples pages.
Please do consider the many users that are moving away from MS word etc.
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Re: Openoffice/Libreoffice integration

Thank you for your feedback. In case you were not aware, EndNote is compatible with Apache Writer 3.x on the Windows side:


That version of OpenOffice can still be downloaded here:


The EndNote API is available. Please see section "EndNote API for software developers" from this article:


You can also see the EndNote API Forum here:

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