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Two key features are missing in EndNote 20

Two extremely important features have gone missing in EndNote 20. 


1) Prior to EndNote 20, I was able to search within a search result, by selecting the "Search Showing" option; however, now in EndNote 20 this option is gone! 


2) Prior to EndNote 20, when I clicked on a reference, it would immediately show the contents of the associate PDF on the right panel for quick browsing. In EndNote 20, I have to select the reference, then select the PDF, then click on a browser, then the PDF will appear. This makes it extremely inefficient to "quickly" view and browse through many reference PDFs.


Please bring back these two IMPORTANT features into EndNote 20, that made prior verions a pleasure to use! Thank you!

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Re: Two key features are missing in EndNote 20

Prior to EndNote X20, I could select a reference in EndNote and with 1-click insert it into Word.


Now this requires typing in a search term and a number of clicks.


Inserting references is the entire reason to use EndNote, why would you remove this capability.


I moved from X20 back to X9. My research group has been trying to move to Zotero. I may just stop fighting them.