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Re: endnote for android? *2017*

I'm a new Endnote user and I imported my entire 2.5 years in my PhD program into EndNote, only to start school this semester and realize there isn't an Android app.


Sorry guys, but this is a deal breaker; I can't believe that in 2017, when Android makes up a huge portion of the tech market, all I can find on the internet is requests with no identifiable progress on this from the EndNote team. 


I agree with previous posters here, offline access is essential. Are there any decent third party apps to allow me to still use my EndNote library? I would love to stay with EndNote, but if I can't find a solution for my tablet, I don't see any other option but to go to Mendeley.

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Re: endnote for android? *2017*

Agree wholeheartedly.  This is a massive (not just major) flaw in the EndNote lineup.  Although I use an iPad, I also use Android devices, and I need to be able to integrate EndNote across IOS, Android, and Windows devices (and I'm sure Mac users need this cross-platform integration as well.)  I, too, am looking to move to Mendeley, after a good few years with EndNote, because of the lack of cross-platform integration.  

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Re: endnote for android?

@JasonR You really made us think that there was an Android app coming our way. Would you mind updating us on what has been going on? If the team has decided not to develop it (which certainly seems the case), I think we have th right to know.

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Re: endnote for android?

Dear devs,

we may still need endnote as some older faculty are too dumb to use mendeley or zotero, but they'll eventually retire or die, and you will be driven off the market if you go on not giving a ***edit*** about your customers wishes. People have been asking about an android app since forever, and all your answer is "use our ***edit***ty webapp instead". Maybe you do deserve to be kicked out, after all.

With sincere disappointment and loathing,

some doctor somewhere.