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Accepted Solution

American Statistical Association Style

The current style for the American Statistical Association journals is not even close to correct. Does anyone have the correct/updated style for ASA journals? Thanks


Sorry if I posted this previously in the wrong place. This is confusing to navigate. 

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Re: American Statistical Association Style

You should be able to delete other post in the "forum" section, to avoid parallel answers.  Comment there with a link here, if you can't.  


Providing the author instructions will help others help you in the future (I found these, after a few dead links on the ASA's website, if no one has revised it previously and are active in the forum.  Also you can ask for new or revised  styles here: (but it isn't immediate).


I had one in my list that wasn't too far off from the instructions in the above link.  I slightly modified it further, so see if it works for you -- I didn't test it extensively.  


Detailed instructions on how to edit output styles in both Mac and windows are available here:







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Re: American Statistical Association Style

Hi Leanne,


Thank you, the style is accurate except for 2 commas Smiley Happy which I will give me a chance to do a simple style edit. I did put in a request for a style update, but I really appreciate your prompt reply. Also, thanks for the link to the style editing document. I'm an old RefMan user and my skills have gotten a bit rusty.


Best regards,