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Help with formatting own style

Please help, formatting experts!

Trying to get short form citations to work....


The following command works fine:

(Author|, Year|, Cited Pages|)

With this, whenever the "cited pages" field is empty, the "Year" will be followed immediately by the final closing bracket


However, the following does not work the same way:

Author|, Year|, Cited Pages|.


All I have done is remove the ( ) and use a full stop at the end. Yet now, when the "cited pages" field is empty, I get a comma and a space before the final punctuation!


Why is it behaving like this?

thanks for your help

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Re: Help with formatting own style

[ Edited ]

Try replacing the spaces with "link adjacent" from the insert field drop down, except for the one in the "Cited Pages" field itself.  



P.S. you can deleted the other 2 duplicate requests from their Options drop down, as long as no one replies to them!  

(long time Endnote user)