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Re: Springer basic author date style not present

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FrancescaVerga1 wrote:



we have and Endnote web Administrator login for our institution, so I managed to have the Springer style we want added as a Custom style. However, when I login in MyEndnoteWeb, I do not see the custom style anywhere.

Is there a delay of a few hours between adding the style and seeing it as a user? Or am I looking in the wrong places?



Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be in the information  concerning  the time it takes  between adding  an output  style and being able to use style.  (BTW, I'm also assuming  that  your online  administrator  has online access  to  Endnote  via Web of Knowledge -  refer to  knowledge base article )


 If  you still can't access your custom style suggest you contact  tech support:


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Re: Springer basic author date style not present

Yes, we have access via Web of Knowledge.

I will wait a few hours, then contact tech support.

Thank you and have a nice day,


Francesca Verga

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Re: Springer basic author date style not present

Hello Francesca,


I see that your EndNote Online account is currently associated with "Universita di Milano Bicocca" as the institution.

This means that an Administrator for Universita di Milano Bicocca would need to be the one to post the style.


Provided this is what happened, the output style in the service should appear for you before long.
If that is an older institution where you are no longer, then please let us know, and we can remove that association so the EndNote Online service can re-affiliate with your new institution.




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