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Two documents: Same style - different output

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I am a long time user, but new to this forum. I have a very strange issue here. I am using Endnote X7 on Windows 10.

For editing one PhD thesis I have adopted CMOS 17 (Types: Standard and Blog) for a different kind of internet references. While I was testing everything works well (please see picture two), but when I try to use this in a whole thesis (1000+ references) Endnote omit some parts (please see picture one):

first entry: Author + "last modified" phrase
second entry: Author

When I notice this, I thought it may be because the author comes after the Title (for some reason), but when I do the test again, everything was ok

I want to highlight that references appear for the first time in both documents. And all other things are the same.
Does anyone have an idea why this occurs?

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Re: Two documents: Same style - different output

Looks like an issue with the thesis document.  Open the original. Make sure it is backed-up safely.
First try to convert to unformatted citations then update citations. 
If the same issue occurs then try clearing the Word field codes:

  • Using the new copy of the document, not the original, un-format the citations. Use the “Convert Citations and Bibliography” command from your EndNote tab in Word
  • Once the document has un-formatted, any EndNote references will appear as temporary Endnote citations {Author, Year, #record number} and the bibliography is removed.

Next steps:

  1. Select all the text but NOT the last paragraph mark.
  2. Press [Ctrl][Cmd key on the Mac]+6 (above the "T" and "Y" key) to remove any additional hidden field codes.
  3. Press [Ctrl][Cmd]+C to copy the highlighted text.
  4. Open a new document and press [Ctrl][Cmd]+V to paste.

Note: As you have citations in footnotes, you will need to click in the footnotes section and repeat the above steps.


Now save this new document under a new name and update citations.