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Request for urgent help!


I'm a Ph.D. student. I'm writing my thesis. I've lot of papers that I reviewed. I've imported the folders in endnote X7.3 but its showing lots of papers in unfile just only showing the attach file without paper detail (don't update references tried 100 of times). Would it be possible that endnote pick up all references from one paper (that I want to cited) so that I could not attach every paper? Please help it makes easy for me to write, Please help
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Re: Request for urgent help!



The Import PDF feature in EndNote only imports journal articles (no other reference types) and the journal article must have a DOI. This number usually appears on the first or second page of the PDF. If EndNote is able to see the DOI, it will then go to CrossRef and PubMed to look for the reference and if it is able to find a match, you will get a record in EndNote with all the bibliographic data filled out for you (Author, Year, Title, etc.).


If EndNote is not able to find a match you will see a blank record created for you with the PDF attached to the record. For these records you can either manually fill in the missing data in each of the fields, or (and you might want to try this first) copy and paste something unique about the article from the PDF into the record and run Find Reference Updates to see if EndNote can update the record for you. FYI, if you copy the title from the PDF into the Title field of the record, make sure there is no line break in the title (in other words fix it so that the title is appearing on one line in the Title field) or else Find Reference Updates won't work.


If I understand your other question correctly ("Would it be possible that endnote pick up all references from one paper (that I want to cited) so that I could not attach every paper?") you are asking if  EndNote can import the bibliography of a paper you wish to cite. The only way to do this (that I am aware of) would require that you have access to the Web of Science through your institution (and it would only work if the reference was available at WoS). If you do have access to WoS, please watch this tutorial, which shows you how you can click on a reference's Cited References and export from that page to EndNote:

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