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Reference Manager AND EndNote together on WORD

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I have co-workers with EndNote and others with Reference Manager.  Hence, I need both on WORD.


I have no problem with RefMan V 12.03 and EndNote 7.7.1 together on Word 2013 (I find them both in the Add-ins and the both work).


However, I have difficulties to install them both on Word 2010. 

If I install only EndNote (version 8) or only Refman (version 12.03), they work fine. 

But If Install them both, WORD2010 hangs and I only find only RefMan in the Add-ins.


Is there specific incompatibilities to have them both on WORD 2010 (and not with WORD 2013).  Or is this due to EndNote version 8 (and not with EndNote version 7.1.1.) ?




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Re: Reference Manager AND EndNote together on WORD

Hello Paul,


You can install EndNote X8 (as in 18) and Reference Manager 12.0.3 on a 32-bit version of Word 2010 simultaneously. Make sure you have Reference Manager updated and Word is the 32-bit version:


It is possible Word has disabled the EndNote tools. If so, you can try enabling them:


Otherwise, there may be a conflicting third party application loading as an add-in in Word 2010. Be sure Office/Word are updated to the latest version available.

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