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Registered: ‎08-18-2014

Exporting only selected fields from Ref Man (10) to Excel


Is there a way to export only selected fields from Ref Man (10) to Excel rather than whole references? 




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Re: Exporting only selected fields from Ref Man (10) to Excel

To export only selected fields you would need to create a custom output style to have it display only the fields you wanted to export.


Basically you would click on Bibliography > New Output Style. You can say "no" at the prompt to use the Wizard.


Click on the Bibliography tab and then click on the Generic column.


Clear everything out of the definition for generic and then you can use the "insert field" icon to insert the fields you wanted to display. Each field needs to be separated by a tab and a field separator.


I have attached a copy of a custom tab-delimited style that displays the author, title and page numbers.



Once you created a style that meets your requirements, you would use the "Generate from Reference List" command under the Bibliography tab, select the custom style and then save the references into a text file that can be opened in Excel.

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