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Enhancing import of DOI/Article identifiers

Dear Rick


we are getting requests and feedback from users about the use of DOI (Digital Object identifiers) in their records. People are wanting this data to pull through into their Reference Manager record as they are increasingly aware of the value of this data (that it will enable them to retrieve the document again irrespective of whether the URL/website has changed).


We realise that this is also something that data providers need to facilitate but we noticed that there is a DOi in PubMed/Medline records now but this doesn't export to Ref Man - could it be added to the ovidweb.cap filter and other filters to faciliate this? Our users want to know why this piece of data doesn't pull through into the record as it is so important - could Thomson make a point of updating the import filters included with the next version of Reference Manager to include the DOI/Article identifer field, as it is likely many bibliographic databases have added this field since the last upgrade and the digital landscape is such that DOI's are now being used and understood much more and this would bring added value for users - this is certainly the feedback we are getting


Best wishes


Rosalind McNally (Librarian, NPCRDC) and Mary Ingram (Librarian, ARC)

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Re: Enhancing import of DOI/Article identifiers

Some (but alas not all) of the direct export downloads from journal publishers provide the doi in a form that appears in the RM doi field, others in the notes field. It would be very nice to have an import filter that pulls in the doi string from the Medline / PubMed interface. I've tried unsuccessfully to add this to some of the existing filters.


David Lawrence, Center for Injury Prevention Policy & Practice;
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Re: Enhancing import of DOI/Article identifiers

Just a point of information:


I am currently preparing a manuscript for a journal which expressedly requests the inclusion of Doi as part of the reference where possible (see URL for author instruction). I have been a loyal RefMan user for almost a decade. Unfortunately, however, as journals are now demanding this information, users such as myself will be forced to seek alternative software options if Reference Manager does not make it possible to comply with current standards.


Machelle Wilchesky,

McGill University

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Re: Enhancing import of DOI/Article identifiers

The doi number is usually of the format 10.1079/something more

If you prepend to the doi number, you get a hyperlink to the journal article, or to whatevere intermediate the publisher wants (e.g. the command to choose ScienceDirect or another enue in the case of Elsevier journals).


Example:For the article with doi "10.1172/JCI29314" this would be the hyperlink.


similarly: doi "10.1016/j.thromres.2004.11.024" the hyperlink is


If you type/copy these in a feld in RM11 or 12 you can fashion the output style to append this to the biblio quotation.

Han Broekman
Weill Cornell Medical College
New York, NY