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Printing or exporting journal synonyms

When I can coax Term Manager to allow me to print (not always a simple task even in abbreviations mode) I still have problems. If the journal list is relatively short, the output formatting is a mess. If the list is too long (even though my workstation has 4 gigs of RAM and my printer has 512 MB of memory) the list never finishes spooling to go to the printer. I find it far easier to print out a list, find a problem, and go to the database to edit the records with problems than to scroll through every journal entry in my database to find those with problems or missing information.


I should be able to export a delimited list of all journals and abbreviations and print it.


I want to be able to move my clean journal and abbrevations records to a new empty database. Unless I'm doing something wrong, even when I copy my entire database into a new database; the system only imports journals associated with articles. The import process seems to ignore journals in the source database that are without records that reference them.


It would be nice to be able to  keep a set of journals with abbreviations and use it across databases. The journal editing process is so tedious that it galls me when I need to redo the changes I've made to the journal synonyms if I use a new database file.


Even nicer would be a system that allows journal names and abbreviations to be shared among RM users.







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Re: Printing or exporting journal synonyms



You can copy your Periodical lists between databases.  You would want to follow the steps in the following FAQ.  In step 3 you would leave it set to "Database" and select the database who's list you want to copy:

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