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Reference Manager, Wordperfect, and Windows 8

I've been using Reference Manager with Wordperfect since Reference Manager was first released years ago, and I was even a beta tester for RM v12.  I don't want to stop using RM or switch word processors.  Endnote does not meet my needs as well as Reference Manager.  My major frustration with many software developers over the years has been to have development stop after I've been committed to a product and purchased upgrades for years.  In order to continue using Rerence Manager with Wordperfect I've been using older versions of both programs.


I've used Reference Manager v11.01 successfully with Wordperfect X3 under Windows 7.  But...  I've upgraded to Windows 8 and Reference Manager installs and runs under Windows 8 and Wordperfect also installs and runs under Windows 8.  But if I run the Refman configuration to work with Wordperfect this causes Wordperfect to hang at the opening splash screen.


I have also been able to manually add the dll to Wordperfect's Third Party registry link for Wordperfect X5 and X6 under Window 7 and this works to let me use CWYW to enter citations in Wordperfect (Entering citations works, but I can't generate a bibliography - I need to go back to X3).  But under Windows 8, manually entering RM11WP13.dll to the Wordperfect X6 Third Party registry also causes WP X6 to hang at the opening splash screen.


I've contacted Corel's tech support people about this problem and they have indicated a willingness to work with Thomson Reuters to make Reference Manager compatible with Wordperfect.


Here is their response:


"I'm afraid we can't do much without teaming up with the Reference Manager team - could you email them and request that they add support for X6?  We'd be happy to work with them: can be used as a contact email.

- Heather"


The response from Thomson Reuters tech support is an apology with links to their website stating the incompatibility.


Thanks very much!


Any chance of fixing this so that Reference Manager can work with Wordperfect under Windows 8?  I'd love to be able to use my copy of RM12 with Wordperfect X6 under Windows 8.

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Re: Reference Manager, Wordperfect, and Windows 8

I agree!

I've been in touch with Heather as well....

There doesn't seem to be any development of RM going on - even a willingness to do help with minor patches.

I'm trying EndNote - but it's not as good on handling keywords, and EN7 doesn't see even to allow the rtf approach to CWYW.

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Re: Reference Manager, Wordperfect, and Windows 8

I've also been using Reference Manager with Wordperfect for many years. I don't want to switch word processors - nothing beats WordPerfect!  Endnote does not meet my needs as well as Reference Manager, but I could live with EndNote if ONLY Thomson Reuters would make it compatible with WordPerfect.


I share the frustration that software developers stop maintaining a hugely useful product after I've spent years buyng and regularly updating to the latest version. I've been forced to stick with WP12 and RM11 because that is the latest combination that remains compatible.


Millions of WordPerfect users use bibliographic software. Thomson Reuters has taken over Reference Manager, but is not supporting or developing it. Yet EndNote has not been made compatible with WordPerfect. Why not?!


PLEASE PLEASE arrange an interface between the latest version of WordPerfect and the latest version of a bibliographic package - if not Reference Manager, then at least EndNote!

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Re: Reference Manager, Wordperfect, and Windows 8

I have also been using Reference Manager since the mid 1990s. I have been having an extended and extremely frustrating interaction with the tech support people because RefMan 12 can't handle PubMed citations with more than a certain number of authors. This causes the program to crash if any one of the references in a search has too many authors. 


Clearly, Thomson Reuters purchased RefMan from RIS in order to eliminate the competiion for Endnote. They did not purchase it with the intention of continuing to develop both programs. I think it would be very useful for RefMan users who are having problems with Endnote, or simply don't want to switch to Endnote, to contact Thomson Reuters and file a formal complaint that RefMan is being abandoned. It appears to be an antitrust violation to buy the only competitor, and then kill it.  


I have told them repeatedly that if they incorporated full RefMan functionality into Endnote, and made EndNote capable of reading from and writing to RefMan databases and Word/WordPerfect files, then everyone could make the transistion fairly painlessly. No database conversion would be needed, and no document conversion would be needed. 


I highly recommend that disatisfied RefMan owners file formal complaints with Thompson Reuters about their lack of support for Reference Manager, and demand either new updates, or complete compatibility of Endnote with Refman databases and manuscripts.