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As a user of Endnote moving to RM 11 due to Wordperfect compatibility issues, here are things that I see.

  1. I'm not sure why there aren't dozens of user fields available. For complicated situations like the SBL style format, it would be wonderful to have more fields to customize.
  2. RM11 does not seem to provide a way to automatically supply Ibid. as Endnote did. Maybe I've missed it.
  3. The Short Title entry that Endnote had doesn't exist, hence I've had to create one. Again, an issue solve with more User Fields.
  4. The @<pages> does not work with WPX3 and so the page number don't insert OR replace the ones entered in the Start and End Pages fields. The Scan Document feature takes them out for some reason.
  5. The Read-Write Exclusive thing needs to have a permanent setting for individual users.
  6. I don't understand why we need an Unformated entry and a Reverted entry form, since any changes you make to the Unformated form won't be saved and they both look alike, it is simply confusing and problematic.  
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