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Web Publisher as a Server Solution

Reference Manager 12 comes with a Web Publisher Service.


To bad this Service is not supported on Windows Server 2003/2008.


Besides tha: An Administrators Interface to Administer the Web publisher from any workstation would greatly be appreciated.

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Re: Web Publisher as a Server Solution

Actually, Web Publisher as a service should function under Windows Server 2003.

Though, often the problem is that the installation being performed is from the Network version installation media.

The Network version of Reference Manager 12 does not offer a "service"able Web Publisher functionality.

It's only the Single User installation of Reference Manager 12 that is going to allow Web Publisher to run as a service.


The Single User installation should be included with North American Network version Purchases.


As for the Administrator's Interface, that's a good idea.

Please make sure you submit this via the "Submit a Suggestion" form on our site, here...


I hope this helps.


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Re: Web Publisher as a Server Solution

The issue I'm facing is as follows:


We have some users working with network version of Reference Manager (indeed, sharing databases) and have requested to make it possible to use the REF MAN data from home and/or share this data with external researches.


The version I'm using *did* offer the web publisher as a service when installing on Windows XP.


I'd like to have a complete web-solotion, so all users will connect to the webservice and all administration is done by an Web interface (eliminating the need for the Reference Manager client actually) or the Client is able to work with an web published database in stead of a file share.


User based acces control would be nice as well (instead of all read or all read/write for web pupblished databases)


Can I just make a reference to this thread when making a submit ?