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how would you make this happen

I am in need of advice about how to put together a solution or a system that allows me to maintain a bibliography of sorts online of academic papers etc. I would like to be able to:


  • - create citations from three sources: Bookmarks, Google Scholar Library, PD files.
    - use firefox to book mark papers and web sites within a nested folder structure and have those book marks automatically read and added as citations to the bibliography
    - include citations from my google scholar library
    - download pdf files of journal articles that I keep in a directory on my computer. That directory has a folder structure within it that mirrors the bookmark folders in firefox. the directory is a watched folder where new PDFs added get added as citations to the bibliography. the PDFs get renamed with the title of the paper that the software gets from either embedded metadata, DOI look up or the content of the pdf.
    - The bibliography is highly customizable using any HTML editor and can include complete abstract, and URL
    - Frosting: if possible, though it would be asking for a lot, i would like the bibliography to be a word press blog that is searchable and where each citation is a post such that it has a comments field.

There are many applications out there of which I have used a few (Zotery, mendeley, JabRef, Endnote, Refworks, google scholar. But I guess I'm getting old because I just can't put together the right

pieces in the right way to achieve what I've described. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.