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Tern Manager Periodical mapping from PubMed, Ovid

Is there any way to control the way journal titles are mapped to the Periodical Term manager? Can this be done with modifying a filter/.cap file?


If I do an import from PubMed (.txt file), RefMan takes the journal information from the TA field and maps it to the Std. Abbrev field in the Term Manager. It would be nice to be able to map over the JT field to the Full field in the Term manager as well.


If I do an export from Ovid on the web, it is hit or miss, and sometimes puts the full journal title in the Std. Abbrev. field and sometimes in the Full field in the Term Manager.


If I export from QUOSA Information Manager, and the PubMed database, I can map the JT field to the RefMan Journal field (J11), but it puts this full journal title into the Std. Abbrev. field and puts the abbreviated journal title (TA) into the Full field.


Again, is there anyway I can control how things are mapped to the PTI by changing the .cap files?



Lisa Demers